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I.T.R.P publisher of The Golden key Directories print version & CD's for more than 30 countries.

Our Golden key Directories packages are the market place for business:

  1. Sellers present their products and services
  2. Buyers find the products and services they require

System strengthens the link between buyers and sellers through the use of a unique classification system. This system enables buyers to find the necessary products and services and it enables sellers to target clients.

Every company worldwide, which participates in business-to-business commerce, may be listed in The Golden key Database CD's.
The golden key Database contains close to min.2500/ Max.200, 000 companies for each country.
The information is presented in comprehensive company profiles which include contact details, product and service information, names of executives, etc...

Product and Service Indexing

The golden key Directory Product and Service Indexing System is comprehensive and effective. Developed over the past 18 years, it has recently been revised and is now standardized worldwide.

A central classification team regulates the numbering and naming of the products and services. New products and services are added to cover emerging technologies and industries.

The golden key Classification contains over 20,000 Classification key words for products & Services.

Data Collection

Most company profiles in The golden key Database require modifications every year because of changes relating to executives, employment numbers, products and services, contact details (address, telephone, fax, e-mail, web site), etc. To keep track of these changes Golden key visits key executives and circulates proofs regularly to the companies in its database. This is followed up by telephone verification to ensure that the data is accurate.

Also You can easy enter to our Database
If your company is not yet listed in The Golden key Database, Please click here to Submit section .

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